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Our professional team has over 65 years of experience achieving successful immigration results to corporate and individual clients.

Global Immigration

Our expertise, staff resources, and case management infrastructure enable us to deliver an immigration strategy specific to a client's objectives.

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Efficient movement of personnel globally is critical to business operations. We work with corporations, investors, and individuals to determine the most favorable options based on specific circumstances, visa eligibility, and current visa availability.

For multinational clients, we integrate policy updates, analysis, and impacts into our counsel on their domestic and international workforce resources, so they can make timely, informed decisions and minimize disruption. Our case management technology enables us to field high-volume demands, preserve data integrity, and provide clients with direct access.

Our case management technology enables us to field high-volume demands, preserve data integrity, and provide clients with direct access.

Global Immigration


Clients have immediate and consistent access to an attorney from their initial consultation.


We understand that organizations often have changing goals, budgets, and priorities. This perspective allows us to craft a custom, effective case strategy based on organizational goals and objectives. An applicant's specific circumstances, visa eligibility, and current visa availability guide case strategy to determine our course of action.

We promptly update corporate, institutional and individual clients of impacts new immigration policies may have on their case, make adjustments to the case strategy, and give clients flexibility to plan accordingly. 



Our custom case strategy provides clients with a transparent roadmap of expected milestones and timelines to achieve desired outcomes.



Our firm has extensive experience with petitions for individuals of extraordinary ability in the energy and medical fields, multinational petitions, employment-based national interest waivers, petitions for outstanding professors and researchers, petitions for individuals with advanced degrees, and PERM labor certifications.

In our case evaluation, a client's immediate and long-term objectives guide which visa category best aligns with their immigration goals. We then provide a custom case strategy that integrates an applicant's specific circumstances, visa eligibility, visa availability.

For investors, our firm has significant experience preparing and processing EB-5 investor visas successfully. Clients positioned to make the necessary substantial investment to qualify for this visa may choose to invest individually or in a USCIS-designated regional center. 

Our team guides and supports clients at each stage of the visa process, providing personalized analysis, strategy, and counsel.

Consular & Border Issues

Consular & Border Issues

Clients decrease uncertainty and increase their approval prospects by applying our knowledge of current consular procedures and protocols.


The complexity of consular and border issues requires a nuanced understanding that few firms can offer. Our team engages with government agencies to resolve complex legal matters. 

For clients who must apply for their visa at the initial port of entry, we provide end-to-end service, from scheduling appointments and travel to custom preparation of materials and copies of supporting documentation, increasing an applicant's opportunity for a successful outcome.

We often respond to requests for additional evidence and use our knowledge to seek final resolution for cases that have remained extensively in administrative processing.

Workforce Compliance

Workforce Compliance

Our team provides clients with expedient, full-service representation that includes due diligence, case strategy, and government communications.



Our firm has considerable experience representing corporate clients with notices of inspection, I-9 audits, and employer sanction negotiations. We recognize the strain that preparation for such engagements can have on resources, and we work closely with clients to achieve fair, efficient resolution.

For internal Human Resources departments, we develop and provide customized training, manuals, and materials in employer compliance and guidance for e-Verify registration compliance.

Clients & Industries
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Clients & Industries

Our case management protocols and technology allow us to provide each client with unparalleled, responsive customer service.


Medical Faculty & Professionals

We find that clients from the medical field have often made significant contributions to their field, increasing their visa eligibility. Our case evaluation includes detailed consideration and analysis of an applicant's personal circumstances, qualifications, and goals with visa availability and timelines.

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